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Darth Magnolia, the Terrible Thong Cleaver

Musings from a Madwoman

Stephanie Arwen Lynch
8 March 1961
Changing Times, by Marilu Mann coming from Ellora's Cave. Stay tuned for details.

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I am one half of the writing team of Marilu Mann with my writing partner and best friend. We sold our first paranormal romance to Ellora's Cave in October 2007.

I am a Pisces with a Scorpio moon and Aquarius Rising. I am a professional Tarot Consultant and am happy to read for you. Just email me for more information. I live in Colorado for now.

I am an opinionated, intelligent, creative, compassionate woman. I am very blunt and speak my mind frequently and liberally. I do keep my journal locked down to friends-only due to various nosy nellies who like to read what I say and then run their mouths to others.

I am an INFP every time I take the darn test. I enjoy taking quizzes and posting the results although I utilize the LJ-CUT tag heavily. I am a newly addicted knit and crochet whore! I love it! If you want to talk fiber, please add me! :-) I have found such relaxation with this new hobby!

These days I am blogging at Tarot By Arwen. Subscribe by email.

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