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Episode 94: Tarot for Novel Writing with Stephanie Arwen Lynch   
10:41pm 02/02/2009
  The Tarot Connection
Episode 94: Tarot for Novel Writing with Stephanie Arwen Lynch
. This is long but if you are curious to hear me chat about how I use Tarot for writing, this is in-depth.
February Tarotscopes Podcast 2009   
11:29am 01/02/2009
FYI: chipper
My February Tarotscopes Podcast is now available.

Tarot Begs The QuestionTar   
11:54am 28/01/2009
  What question to ask is one of the hardest things for some querents and readers too. This article answers the question “What question do I ask?

I invite you to leave comments here or on the blog.

SON OF A GUN. LOL! I accidentally deleted this post which means all my fabulous comments went away too. Dang it. That chaps me behind seriously.
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December 2008 Tarotscopes   
10:48pm 01/12/2008
  December 2008 tarotscopes are now available. This is a free podcast. All you need is a way to listen to MP3 files. You can also download it via iTunes. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment over there please.  
POEM: Aubergine Surprise   
11:17am 29/11/2008
  Always ~ Voice ~ Share ~ Aubergine ~ Stranger ~ Lush ~ Surprise ~ Liberate ~ Know

Aubergine Surprise

Oh yes I've always known you see
That the color that would liberate me
Would be lush deep pure aubergine
Wrapping me up all velvety soft
I share this always present hope
So more can learn my view of life
The suprise though the surprise for me?
The one that carried me away to this?

That there was aubergine in your touch
That the voice of this tall stranger could
Know that what I needed this grey day
Would be lush deep pure aubergine

Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Poem: Rock My World   
10:58am 27/11/2008
  Thank ~ Give ~ Change ~ New ~ Old ~ World ~ View ~ Wait ~ Real

Rock My World

Gonna change these tired old rags
Gimme something real sexy in red
Gonna rock my world in new shoes
Never gonna wait for anyone again
Ain't gonna stick with the same old
GOnna change the landscape forever
Gimme a paintbrush gimme color
Get on board or outta the way
Not waiting for a ticket to give
Gonna wrestle my life back from me
Tired so damned tired of waiting
For someone to happen--fuck that
Gonna thank me for my time served
Rock my world with sexy new views
Gonna rock my own damned world

Stephanie Arwen Lynch
11/27/20098 <--wow.. .back to the future much, Arwen? HAHAHAHAHA
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Tarotscopes for the week of 11/23-11/30   
01:59pm 23/11/2008
  Come see what your tarotscope is for the week. :) Leave a comment on the blog so I know you were there. ;)  
POEM: Banshee'd Again   
11:55pm 04/11/2008
  Banshee Wrap Cloak Battle Support Wall Random Waste Relent

Banshee'd Again

Wrap my arms around myself
Cloaking against random stares
The fingernails of my desire
Shriek against the slate of silence
Beat my heart against stone

Piercing wails banshee’s song
Need to lean my head back
Solid wall living warm heart
Support me hold me love me
Empty nothingness awaits me

Rendering my cries wasted air
Points so relentlessly moot
Love’s battle kills another
Wild Scottish moanings
Woman lost to all love

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Readers Notes: Nope, no clue where this came from. Pulled the words AFTER writing the piece though.
Interview with Mary K. Greer   
11:54am 24/10/2008
  I count myself fortunate in that I was able to semi-complete one of my dreams. :) I didn't get to talk to her face-to-face but this Tarot star (in my world at least) graciously agreed to an interview. I was so excited I decided to give away one of her books in celebration.

I hope you will enjoy my interview with Mary K. Greer.
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SteamPunk Love!   
02:20pm 18/10/2008
  One of my loves that I rarely talk about is steampunk. I am particularly fond of the literature the reflects this genre. BUT! I found this person (or she found me) on Twitter (click to follow me).

Look at her blog! It's great fun and she crafts the most amazing rings! I so want that boulder opal one! She really does understand the genre of steampunk.

While I have not indulged in dressing the part, I can so see myself doing that!

Some examples of steampunk movies would be "Wild Wild West" with Will Smith. The giant spider is a perfect example of this genre of thought. Another is an anime movie only I can't remember the title. It's about a young boy who has to take his father's inventions and run from evil geniuses.

Visit Steampunk Rings today

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